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11 Winslow Rd
Peterborough, PE3 9RE
United Kingdom


We've got a great selection of dishes that will go alongside a great-tasting hog or BBQ. All you've got to do is choose and pig out in style with Chef de la Maison.

There’s nothing like the smell and taste of a succulent hog roast or BBQ. Our talented team have created a range of delicious menus for you to choose from. With our Hog Roast menus starting at just £10.50 per head and BBQ menus ranging from £10.50 to £24 per head, wonderfully flavoured food offers fantastic value for money. All prices include paper plates, cutlery and a chef for your event. Add in cheese and biscuits, canapés and tea and coffee with mints if you fancy it.


Indulge in a feast of flavours with our tasty BBQs and carved joints of pork. Menu prices from £10.50 per head.


Crispy, succulent, cider soaked hog roasts. Menus suit all budgets, with prices from £10.50 per head.